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Unlike many other aspiring travel writers, I didn’t fall in love with travelling early on. I often went on family vacations abroad during my summer breaks but I was much happier staying by the pool taking advantage of the all-you-can-eat ice-creams and playing with other kids rather than going on adventures with my parents. Yes, I was that kind of girl.

I inevitably caught the travel bug that had run in my family all along when I decided to cross the Channel and move to rainy England for my bachelor degree. You got it, I liked telling stories so much that I wanted to make this love official and nailed my International Journalism degree at the University of Central Lancashire. Although thinking back to it, my time there was more spent discovering the joys of library all-nighters than going on spontaneous weekends trips.

So I guess I really caught that travel bug when I  decided to spend a semester away in China.  As soon as I got to Guangzhou, I knew my life had taken a turn. It felt like the world was my oyster and opportunities were piling up to make of those 7 months, a life changing experience. Between blogging about expats ‘ life and my university assignments, I fell in love with people from all over the world, with skylines and historical landmarks or with the idea of booking a last minute flight to the Philippines just because I wanted to.

So here we are today. From backpacking hardcore through Latin America to cultural city breaks in Europe, from the joys of doing nothing to making the most of a place in 48 hours, I’m covering it all because I want you peps to get the chance to feel as fulfilled and genuinely happy as I do when on the road.



So far I have traveled to 30+ countries on 4 continents and know how much there is to be explored. Next trip on my mind? Either cycling the 600km between Germany and Hungary crossing Austria and Slovakia on the way or cruising the Italian Amalfi Coast on a vespa.

Ideal trip on my mind? I’m scarily getting closer to turning 26 thus entering the late twenties (oh god) but it soothes me thinking about how I’ll treat myself when hitting the big 3-0. A two weeks trek to the Himalaya base in Nepal is on top of the list (once they’ve invented a cure for altitude sickness that actually works) and Antartica is the ultimate dream but the odds of being able to save up enough by then being very low, it sounds more like a big 4-0 kind of trip.



So you’re sitting at home, either daydreaming of where your potential gap year could be taking you to or randomly looking for a cool spot to escape work, responsibilities and routine for a while. Well either way, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll set the record straight, I can’t afford to be this travel blogger posting jaw-dropping pictures from fantastic villas by the ocean somewhere. Hopefully I’ll get there someday but for now, I aim at being one of the relatable ones (still with Instagram-worthy photos though) : you’re in for good spots, best-kept secrets, itineraries and landmarks reviews, basically anything useful your friend would have told you about over coffee once back from her trip.

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