What to expect from The Wayfaring Writer

I know I know, another travel blog out there. I promise I’ll do my best to make it not just another list of do’s and dont’s but more of a friendly conversation between you and me. I’ve seen things you’re dying to check out, we’re sat down having coffee and I tell you anecdotes, cool tips and local secrets you cannot miss. Deal?


I haven’t seen the whole world yet but I’m planning on it. So far, this will slowly but surely get filled with an enormous amounts of articles from Nicaraguan volcanoes and Argentinian wine to Chinese metropolis and Philippines paradise islands.

City breaks

New Year resolution N°1: get closer to home. Like one too many, I keep running away to faraway destinations and better weather but I have made it my mission in 2017 to explore more of our dear old Europe from legendary touristic hotspots like Krakow or Prague to “hipstery” new go-to places like Lisbon or Bucarest.


That ones speaks for itself really, doesn’t it. I’m far from a pro videographer but I love walking around with a Gopro and being a nerd editing footage. They say images speak a thousand words, just imagine how much a 5 min video could speak then, huh?


I’m a writer and all-round extremely talkative person so I needed one special category for my all very heartfelt (still somehow travel related) posts which you will likely be reading thinking how cheesy and expected there are and yet deep down hopefully relating to a few of those.


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