Torres del Paine National Park: Getting ready 101

You’ve created your Pinterest board of pictures, followed a few relevant Instagrams accounts, joined Facebook groups and bought your cool-looking parka so that’s settled then, it’s time to tackle the Torres del Paine. Gorgeous teaser of the immensity of the Patagonian Territory, the national park located in Southern Chile thrives with just enough break taking glaciers, endless grasslands and soaring mountains to make of an arduous trek the experience of a lifetime.

Just like many Patagonian landmarks, the park can be explored the easy or the hard way. Technically, the easy way isn’t that much of a walk in the park as proper trekking is still required but let’s put it that way: a comfy bed and warm meal at night makes all the difference. But uncomplicated wouldn’t be enough ‘fun’ (understand, ‘challenging’) for the hardcore travellers we are, so we’re going to go big. And by big I mean camping at the bottom of glaciers, snacking on nuts and squatting between bushes.

As the good friend who literally went through the worst of times so you don’t have to, I’m telling you right now: better be safe than sorry. From the surprisingly tiny amount of clothes to carry around and the dried fruits to munch on to the best shoes to pick and go-to items you’d never think of, the check list combining official trail recommandations and my own personal tips goes on and on.

Lucky for you guys, the full article (a lot of words, so you’re in for so many first-hand tips and anecdotes) has been published by an actual travel website.  Oh and by the way, a little photographic sneak peak below to get you in the mood for a big read. You’re welcome.

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Angle is everything. From the back, no one can guess how disgusting I currently feel in my clothes.


No doubt you too will be looking sexy as hell picking up crystal clear stream water on the trail


One of the first campsites, when you’re not too close from the glaciers and don’t freeze overnight



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